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Concrete is an extremely durable product used in and outdoors both commercially and residentially. Stamped concrete is a great material of choice particularly when considering improvements to outdoor living space. If you are in the market to enhance your lifestyle with Stamped Concrete and are looking for someone who can consistently deliver outstanding results and service at fair prices then give us a call for a consultation to provide our professional recommendations.

Q. What is stamped concrete?

A. Concrete is placed using standard practices and methods that meet ACI guidelines. When in a somewhat plastic stage, imprinting mats are aligned and pressed into the concrete, creating the impression of slate stone, brick and more.

Q. How can color be achieved?

A. Two main methods.
(1) Integral color. By this method pre- weighed dissolvable bags are placed into the concrete truck and mixed into the entire load of concrete.
(2) Color hardeners. By this method, concrete is placed in the standard way. Color hardener is broadcast onto the surface and floated into the concrete. The top is colored to the depth of 1/8” to 3/16”.

Q. How are different color shades achieved?

A. A method called antiquing is done by applying a second color on top of the integral color. This highlights the textured finish.

Q. Should my decorative concrete be sealed?

A. Yes. We recommend sealing all new stamped concrete. The sealer is the final step that brings out the full color and promotes proper curing of concrete.

Q. Can I use ice melting salts on stamped concrete?

A. No. Every ice melt product could damage the surface. There is no safe ice melt product. Dry sand or kitty litter is recommended for traction aid.

Q. Is our Stamped Concrete going to be slippery?

A. Over application of sealer when rolled or sprayed can lead to slippery concrete. Slip resistant additives can help but the best results are achieved when the sealer is applied very thinly and in multiple layers.


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